The variable area flow meter content a float & taper tube.
     The fluid flow through the taper tube and force up to the float.
     The flow rate is measured as a function of the area of​​ the opening.
     This area displayed as the float that is free to move to produce the varying area.
Service: Gases (Air) & Liquid (Water)
Wetted Parts Material: Body- SS316; O-ring- Viton, others on request;
                                           Metering tube- Borosilicate glass; Needle valve- SS316
                                           Float- Glass, Sapphire, Stainless steel, Carboloy, Tantalum
Mounting: Horizontal position (Bottom to Top)
Connection Size: 1/4"NPT female, needle valve available
Max. Working Temperature: 95ºC
Max. Working Pressure: Glass tube- 200psig (14kg/cm 2 )
Accuracy: +/-3% FS; repeat avility 1%
Weight: 0.5~0.6 kg