BF300 for high flows of gas, liquid, steam and oil
Case Material: Aluminum alloy case with paint, SS316 available
Body Wetted Parts Material: SS316, others on request
Indication via magnetic coupling (no sealed)
Scales Calibrated: in L/H, M3/H, Kg/H, %, etc.
Flow Rate for: Water- 4 L/H up to 100,000 L/H (special ranges on request)
                           Air- 0.1 Nm3/H up to 1,200 Nm3/H (special ranges on request)
Connection Type: Flange type; Trip Clamp & Sanitary type (others on request)
Connection Size: 1/2"~5"
Mouting Length: 250mm standard;
                               Connection size bigger than 3", mounting length is 300mm;
                               300mm for explosion proof type
Temperature: -50ºC to +200ºC (300ºC option)
Protection Class: IP65 or Explosion proof- Class I, Groups B,C,D; Class II, Groups E,F,G, NEMA 4,7,9
Accuracy: +/-2% F.S. (+/- 1.6% F.S. option)
Max. Pressure: 40 kg/cm2 (standard); option- up to 100 kg/cm2
Option: Switch available (Micro switch 5A/250VAC, 2A/30VDC);
              Adjustable reed alarm switch available (form A bistable type, N.O. type);
              Adjustable induvtive alarm switch available;
              4~20mA, 2-wires analog output available