3-Piece Ball Valve- N_3


•3-PIECE BALL VALVE- Without Mounting Pad
•Model: N-3T- Thread type
•             N-3B- Butt Weld type
•             N-3S- Socket Weld
•Full Port, 3 Piece Type
•Material: Wetted parts ASTM A351 CF8M / SS316
•Connection Size: 1/4"(8mm), 3/8"(10mm), 1/2"(15mm), 3/4"(20mm), 1"(25mm),
•                                 1¼"(32mm), 1½"(40mm), 2"(50mm), 2½"(65mm), 3"(80mm), 4"(100mm)
•Connection Type: Thread type; Socket weld type; Butt welde ends type
•Locking Device: Valve operated locking in open or closed position
•Working Temperature Limited: -20ºF~+350ºF (-5ºC~+175ºC)
•Working Pressure Limited: 1000psi (70 kg/cm2) for ¼"~1";
•                                                    800psi (56 kg/cm2) for 1¼"~2";
•                                                    600psi (42 kg/cm2) for 2½"~4"
•Valves inspected and tested according to API 598 standard